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Products Maintenance Guide

Our recommendations to keep all your products flawless:

1.Wash white and light-colored clothes separately from bright or dark colored ones.

2.Natural fibers can shrink if washed at high temperatures and lose their shape if they are spin-dried or hung vertically. Artificial and synthetic fabrics should be washed in warm water and ironed inside out at low temperatures.

3.Do not overload the washing machine. If the machine is too full, the clothes may not be washed well.

4.We recommend using neutral detergents as they contain less bleaching agents.

5.Wash clothes inside out and preferably with a liquid detergent and not a powder or solid one.

6.Use detergent and conditioner sparingly. If you add too much, it may stain your clothes.

7.Avoid tumble dryers. Fabrics lose their luster and clothes wear out faster.

8.High temperatures always damage textiles.

9.When drying clothes outside, avoid exposing them to direct sunlight.

10.When ironing clothes, always start at a lower temperature. For dark colors, iron the clothes inside out or when they are still damp.

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